References entry information relevant documents up down save reset cancel names and origin protein names recommended name: putative cutaneous t-cell lymphoma-associated antigen 3 short name= protein ctage-3 gene names name: ctage3p synonyms: ctage3 organism homo sapiens (human) [reference proteome] taxonomic identifier 9606 [ncbi] taxonomic lineage eukaryota › metazoa › chordata › craniata › vertebrata › euteleostomi › mammalia › eutheria › euarchontoglires › primates › haplorrhini › catarrhini › hominidae › homo protein attributes sequence length 158 aa. cheapest generic viagra Sequence status complete. viagra buy now pay later Protein existence uncertain general annotation (comments) function tumor-associated antigen. Is viagra over the counter in australia Tissue specificity expressed in normal tissues including colon, mammary gland, ovary, placenta, stomach and testis, as well as several fetal tissues. Ref. cheap viagra 10mg 1 miscellaneous tumor-associated antigen found in several cutaneous t-cell lymphoma (ctcl). cheap viagra 10mg Expressed in 4 of 11 mycosis fungoides tissues and in a t-zone lymphoma. Sequence similarities belongs to the ctage family. viagra 8 hours Caution could be the product of a pseudogene. generic viagra shipped from usa Ontologies keywords    domain coiled coil    technical term complete proteome reference proteome gene ontology (go) none. buy viagra without prescriptions [check goa] sequence annotation (features) feature key position(s) length description graphical view feature identifier molecule processing chain 1 – 158 158 putative cutaneous t-cell lymphoma-associated antigen 3 pro_0000189539 regions coiled coil 26 – 96 71 potential sequences sequence length mass (da) tools q8ix95 [uniparc]. Last modified march 1, 2003. generic viagra online overnight shipping Version 1. Checksum: 899fc9b146098e7d show » fasta 158 18,015 blast protparam compute pi/mw protscale peptidemass peptidecutter go 10 20 30 40 50 60 mtfkgfqmne ekleigiqda ssencqlqes qkqllqeaev wkeqvselnk qkitfedskv 70 80 90 c cardinal large integer haeqvlndke nhietlterl lkikdqaavl eeditddgnl elemnselkd gayldnppkg one hundred thirty cxl one hundred fifty alkklihaak lnaslttleg ernqfifsyl klikpgra « hide references [1] "ctage: a cutaneous t cell lymphoma associated antigen family with tumor-specific splicing. viagra for sale " usener d. , schadendorf d. cheapest place to buy viagra online , koch j. , duebel s. Viagra cost 2011 , eichmueller s. Where to buy generic viagra reviews J. Invest. generic viagra for sale in usa Dermatol. lowest cost for viagra 121:198-206(2003) [pubmed: 12839582] [abstract] cited for: nucleotide sequence [mrna], tissue specificity. cheap viagra 10mg Tissue: testis. Cross-references sequence databases embl genbank ddbj af338231 mrna. viagra coupon card Translation: aan77608. how do viagra soft tabs work 1. Ipi ipi00182347. is viagra ever covered by insurance Unigene hs. buy viagra in usa online 623891. 3d structure databases modbase search... Polymorphism databases dmdm 57012600. Proteomic databases pride q8ix95. Protocols and materials databases structuralbiologyknowledg. cheap generic viagra