Ure and whether it is displaced or nondisplaced. The primary goal in treating a fracture is to ensure that the bones heal in the correct alignment. viagra samples Nondisplaced fractures may simply require bracing and anti-inflammatory medication. Displaced fractures may require surgery in order to ensure that the dislocated bones are replaced in their normal anatomic positions. high blood pressure pills and viagra This is called reduction. Reduction may be done either closed (no incision) or open (requiring an incision). which is better viagra ar viagra The type of fixation used to hold the bone in the correct position is determined based on the condition of the patient, lifestyle, and severity of the injury. viagra for sale Fixation can be either internal or external. which is better viagra ar viagra Scaphoid fractures the scaphoid bone is one of the strongest and most difficult bones to break in the wrist, yet it accounts for nearly 60 percent of all wrist fractures. Almost always the result of an extreme force, a scaphoid fracture is a break in the small scaphoid bone located in the wrist joint. The scaphoid bone, which is shaped like a cashew and located on the thumb side of the wrist, near the lower arm bones, requires twice as much force to break than one of the larger forearm bones. Eighty percent of the surface of the scaphoid bone is covered by articular cartilage, and it functions much like a ball bearing in the wrist joint. A scaphoid fracture requires special attention, because of the vulnerable location of its blood supply. viagra daily generic The blood supply for a scaphoid bone enters from the top. Since most fractures occur in the middle or lower portion of the bone, the supply is interrupted and fails to reach the injury and promote adequate healing. buy generic viagra An undetected scaphoid fracture that results in an interrupted blood supply, can lead to avascular necrosis. which is better viagra ar viagra Avascular necrosis can cause the bone to crumble and the wrist joint to be destroyed. When a scaphoid fracture occurs, there may be pain and tenderness on the thumb side of the wrist. order viagra online Motion is painful and swelling may be evident on the back and thumb side of the wrist. buy generic viagra online Often times injuries sustained from high speed or force, such as in football, a fall at high speed, or an auto accident w. order viagra